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Not too bad

The animation was pretty decent and the voice acting wasn't bad (though anyone's going to sound a little odd voicing Link, what with him being a silent character and all). The battles could probably have been a bit more exciting but they match the actual game quite well as they are.

Why does it say "Stay tuned for part 2" at the end?

Hiyoko responds:

It was a typo, it's fixed now.


Here's a random and probably unhelpful suggestion - when you're showing the ruined buildings the camera does some very odd focusing, like it seems to rush to them then pull away slowly or zoom out then in again. Some slow panning combined with a slow fade might work better - it gives your audience time to try and figure out what it is they're looking at rather than throwing it in their face, it makes it more involving. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, your promo is interesting but not enough to make me watch out for you finished film. There's very little story on show here so I'm not sure whether it'll be my thing or not. Your artwork is very good but it looks scanned - or at least bitmap - so you need to figure out how to turn it into lots of individual symbols so that you can animate it. That's going to be your main challenge to start with.

Good luck!

pepermuntjuh responds:

Haha, hey there! Definitly not an unhelpful suggestion you just made there :D You're absolutely right.. haha... I watched it again after reading your review, and went.. 'hey, i think he's right, it does look a bit... odd' So thanks for noticing that teehee!
Now, of course I'm still ... kind of.. a Flash-noob... but I'll try my best to make it look...more interesting haha :D


Good work

I liked that one, you captured the spirit of the opening quite well. The link after the toilet was a bit hard to follow, but still a good effort.

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Good remake, but not as hard

A good recreation though the invaders need to speed up a bit more when there are fewer of them. They're still really easy to hit when there's only one left, whereas in the classic game the final invader always moved really fast. As it is the game is rather easy and I gave up by getting bored, not by being killed. Also the exit button doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm not accusing you of stealing the flash, but with something this common the idea's bound to run through several people's heads and might get you some whistle blowers. My suggestion is to change the title screen to make it more obvious that it's your submission.

Gage001 responds:

i will tell you that i saw a flash game of invaders and made my own version.
So if that answers your question...

Simple, but well executed

As you said it was a simple concept, but it was well carried out. Could have benefited from a higher frame rate, but still a good submission.

For a quick gimmick it looks really good

"But the concept of it, using real humans instead of vector art, is revolutionary when it comes to interactive games" - hmm... not really. Its been done quite a lot before (though not so much in Flash games, if that's what you mean).

Anyway, the level to which you've got people to merge into the background is great. People grabbing onto desks and walls, hiding behind things... it looks really good. Yeah, the game could use a bit more polish in some places - the snowballs could use some shading or something, and the hit detection is a bit off - but a lot of effort has been put in to this and it really shows.

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