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Not too bad

The animation was pretty decent and the voice acting wasn't bad (though anyone's going to sound a little odd voicing Link, what with him being a silent character and all). The battles could probably have been a bit more exciting but they match the actual game quite well as they are.

Why does it say "Stay tuned for part 2" at the end?

Hiyoko responds:

It was a typo, it's fixed now.


Here's a random and probably unhelpful suggestion - when you're showing the ruined buildings the camera does some very odd focusing, like it seems to rush to them then pull away slowly or zoom out then in again. Some slow panning combined with a slow fade might work better - it gives your audience time to try and figure out what it is they're looking at rather than throwing it in their face, it makes it more involving. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, your promo is interesting but not enough to make me watch out for you finished film. There's very little story on show here so I'm not sure whether it'll be my thing or not. Your artwork is very good but it looks scanned - or at least bitmap - so you need to figure out how to turn it into lots of individual symbols so that you can animate it. That's going to be your main challenge to start with.

Good luck!

pepermuntjuh responds:

Haha, hey there! Definitly not an unhelpful suggestion you just made there :D You're absolutely right.. haha... I watched it again after reading your review, and went.. 'hey, i think he's right, it does look a bit... odd' So thanks for noticing that teehee!
Now, of course I'm still ... kind of.. a Flash-noob... but I'll try my best to make it look...more interesting haha :D


Good work

I liked that one, you captured the spirit of the opening quite well. The link after the toilet was a bit hard to follow, but still a good effort.

OK, but lots of areas to improve in

It was ok, but there's lots of areas to improve in. For one the whole one screen above the other was just confusing. Were we seeing two different areas at the same time, or was one under the other or what? The intro text stayed on the screen too long and should have had a skip button. Also the characters have a habit of moving very quickly from place to place on the screen without it looking like they're walking. You could do with slowing those kind of animations down a bit. Finally the whole thing was rather short, and because the music didn't stop at the end anybody replaying it would get a second song playing over the top of the first one.

I know this seems to be a rather negative review, but I'm just trying to suggest some areas to focus on if you want to improve.

Slight improvement on an already great animation

I couldn't see anything different to start with, apart from the title screen. Then you got to the fight scene and there was extra blur. Did you also add some sound effects? Yeah, I think it did improve on the original a small amount, but whether it was worth a weekend or not is up to you.

Reguardless of any changes I still love this animation and its one of the highest quality I've seen on Newgrounds. There's a couple of things I'm not so sure about (the ending music, the 'cast of characters'), but loads more I think are great (the art, the main music, the fantastic animation, the feel of the piece) and besides those are personal preferences anyway. I really hope the portal sees more from you

Is there a sync problem?

I was confused over the syncing too. There's a bit at the beginning where the guy's speaking the words of the song (I assume), but his mouth's moving a good second or too before you hear the words. But then the animation and the song finish at the same time. If there is a syncing problem its a serious one, otherwise I have to say the mouth moving and saying nothing sort of throws the entire animation off.

EsMatiCSounDs responds:

Hmm thats kinda wierd... cuz i watch the movie when i submitted it and it was synced almost flawlessly.. dunno whats wrong :S. thx for the review and the heads up!

Amazing sprite battles

If only everyone who made sprite animations used them as well as you do! The story seemed somewhat similar to many others out there, and the sound crackled a bit in places, but the fighting was very, very good. I was also impressed with the changes between what were presumably ripped backgrounds from various places - yet the transitions between them made it feel like they were all part of the same thing. Overall a very impressive submission


That is really, really good. I loved more or less everything about it, the smooth animation, the visuals, the ideas, the song. My only real dislike was the stickmen as characters, but thats only cos they're over used by people who can't draw or animate (and thats obviously not you). Good luck with using it for art work, this is a brilliant submission.

allemansing responds:

Now THIS is why i do flash :D

Bad points, but overall a good submission

There was quite a lot of good and bad with this. The drawings were pretty average, but still captured the Final Fantasy style. The animation fairly bad in places (the use of stretching pictures, the sudden appearance of the bad guy's minions etc.), yet the fight scenes were varied and exciting. The music was badly chopped together, yet added a brilliant atmosphere to the piece.

Overall I have to say your presentation needs a lot of work, but despite this, the flash was still very entertaining and you've obviously put a lot of time into it. I really enjoyed it, it was a lot better than the majority of Newgrounds submissions. Please practise your art and sound editing and you can make top quality submissions in the future

Colourful and smooth animation

Nice animation. Just one suggestion really; you could have made a better loop by having all the monsters at the end looking to their right then running off (away from the first monster). Good work though

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